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The Beating Heart of Colombia


12 Day Itinerary

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Flying the flag for genuine connection, this odyssey fills hearts and minds with a tapestry of moments to be remembered. Travelling through the best of Colombia, also known as the ‘land of a thousand rhythms’, from Bogotá to Barichara, Tayrona and culminating in Cartagena. 


  • Tour the art scene of Bogotá with a local curator, meeting the collectors and creators as you visit the leading galleries and workshops through the city.

  • Learn of Colombia’s past as you tour La Candelaria alongside a local historian who tells tales of the country, both old and new.

  • Explore the underground Salt Cathedral of Zipaquira, where 14 chapels now stand to represent the journey of Christ before crucifixion, and where the walls tell stories of millenia gone by.

  • Take a private dance class with the best dancers of Cartagena, learning the rhythms of the Cumbia, Salsa and Champeta dances.

Day 1 - 3: Casa Legado, Bogotá

  • Private art tour of Bogotá’s artists, collectors and enthusiasts alongside a local expert
  • Visit Usaquen to browse the boutiques, bakeries, pubs and shops

The mention of Colombia presents visions of bright, kaleidoscopic colours painted on colonial style architecture, decorated with the reaching arms of native foliage on backdrops of greens, blues and orange hues.

Influenced largely by Spanish, African and indigenous heritages, Colombia is a melting pot of personality. Famed for the richness of their coffee and emeralds in equal measure, the country expertly balances humble roots with modern glamour. The distinct juxtaposition of life in Colombia is undeniable, and forms the foundations of this odyssey, connecting you to each corner of the country, each line of history and every story to be told.

Starting in Bogotá, get insider access to the city’s art scene alongside a fascinating art curator and expert. Visit the contemporary art galleries in San Felipe Art District, meeting local curators, art enthusiasts and the artists themselves en route. Away from the art scene and stepping back in time, visit La Candelaria in the company of a local historian, learn of the stories of the cobblestone streets, houses, plazas and cathedrals of the neighbourhood and hear the tales of Colombia’s challenging past, and more recently its revival.

Before leaving Bogotá, visit Usaquen. With a relaxed bohemian atmosphere, bakeries, boutiques, pubs and shops encapsulate Colombian craftsmanship. Visiting on a Sunday will allow you to explore the flea market, where true gems are found in the most unlikely of places.

Day 3 - 4: Casa Terra, Villa de Leyva

  • Tour the underground Zipaquira Salt Cathedral with its 14 chapels representing the crucifixion of Christ

From Bogotá, and en route to Villa de Leyva, stop at the Zipaquira Salt Cathedral, built within the tunnels of an old salt mine, 200 metres underground. An astounding feat of architecture, the history of the mine dates back to the 5th century, when the Muisca tribe would extract halite, before becoming a sanctuary for daily prayers in the 1930’s and now standing with 14 chapels that represent Christ’s journey before crucifixion.


Day 4 - 7: Casa Barichara Boutique, Barichara

  • Tour the workshops and studios of local artisans and craftsman alongside a local, English speaking, guide

From Villa de Leyva, move on to Barichara. Explore the picturesque streets alongside an expert guide and discover the town’s artisanal heritage by visiting local ateliers in action. Each item they craft holds hours of intricate artistry, so take this time to learn of their importance and place within Colombian culture.

Day 7 - 10: Villa Playa Tayrona, Tayrona

  • Relax in the wonders of beachside luxury

From here, travel to the north of the country to visit Tayrona, enjoy the art of Colombia’s natural landscape in the comforts of beachside luxury before reaching the final point on this odyssey, Cartagena.

Day 10 - 13: Bastion Luxury Hotel, Cartagena

  • Enjoy a private dance class alongside professional dancers from Cartagena
  • Explore the vibrant culture of Cartagena as the final stop on this odyssey

Often dubbed as the ‘land of a thousand rhythms’, Colombia’s ever-evolving musical and dance scene is centred in this city. Join professional dancers for a private class, learning to dance to the iconic beats of the Cumbia, Salsa or Champeta.

In every moment in Colombia, there is connection to be explored. To the culture, to the community and, often forgotten, to the world. In all its glorious diversity, with every assorted influence, we must make the time to connect to people and places outside of our own happenings. This odyssey is the flagbearer for deeper connection, and Colombia is where it begins.

What is typically included

  • All accommodation
  • All ground transfers
  • Bespoke art tour through Bogotá
  • Private dance class in Cartagena
  • Historical tour of La Candelaria
  • Dedicated True concierge

The Beating Heart of Colombia


Day Itinerary

Perfect for
Culture Seekers, Families, Groups
Guide Price




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