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The harsh but beautiful deserts of the Kaokoveld stretch across 45,700 square kilometres of north-western Namibia and across the border in to neighbouring Angola. The wide Kunene River runs through the very west of the region, whilst the rest of the Kaokoveld is characterised by dry river courses, open desert plains and towering mountains.Tourism is relatively nascent in the Kaokoveld, with a handful of permanent camps found here, as well as some private mobile camps which allow for a very in-depth exploration of the region. Off-the-beaten-track and with access being a challenge, this is definitely a region for hardier travels, but an incredibly rewarding one for those who make the journey.Visitors are able to see desert-adapted wildlife including girafe, elephant and black rhino and learn about how they survive in the harsh desert environment. Guides will also share how the local flora, most notably the unique welwitchia mirabilis, sates itself by drawing moisture from the fogs that cover the desert in the early mornings.

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