Fish River Canyon


The far south of Namibia is home to the Fish River Canyon, the second largest canyon in the world and one of the most beautiful parts of this incredibly dramatic country. At 160 kilometres long, reaching up to 27kms wide and 550 metres deep, it is hard to put in to words the majesty of a visit to the canyon. Accessed by a lengthy drive in from either the Kalahari Desert or the tiny outpost of Aus, Fish River is undoubtedly a challenging place to reach, but visitors are amply rewarded with stunning views and a wide range of activities. Biking and hiking along the canyon rim, as well as drives to the canyon floor are available year-round, whilst longer day hikes and even overnight camping are available in the cooler winter months between May and September.The remoteness of the area is reflected in a relative lack of places to stay, although the lodges found here are all of good quality, it is definitely somewhere that one needs to plan a visit to well in advance in order to find space, especially in the premier lodge found right on the canyon rim. 

Our Accommodation in Fish River Canyon

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