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Peru’s rich history, diverse landscapes, and vibrant traditions make it a must visit destination for all types of traveller. Lima, the capital, combines historic charm with culinary excellence. Cusco, the gateway to Machu Picchu, dazzles with Inca ruins. Explore the Sacred Valley‘s ancient sites and vibrant markets. The Amazon Rainforest beckons with biodiversity.

Peru's Regions

Colca Canyon

The scenic drive into the Colca Canyon is often one of the highlights of an adventure in this region. It involves a full day (about six hours) and plenty of time to stop and take in the magnificent landscape along the way.

Cusco and the Sacred Valley

Altitude in the Sacred Valley demands slow travel. Not just because you are nearly 3000 metres above sea level, but you need time to understand the depth of its culture.

Lake Titicaca

Lake Titicaca is the highest navigable lake in the world, located at 12,507ft (3,812m) and straddles the border of Peru and Bolivia, who are constantly disputing who has the more beautiful side of the lake! The Bolivian side benefits from having the mountains in the background, which is truly a beautiful sight. From Peru, discover floating islands made entirely from totora reeds where small communities dressed in brightly patterned clothing go about their daily lives.

Lake Titicaca - Latin America


Lima has dusted itself off in recent years and emerged as an exciting culinary and arts destination. New galleries and restaurants have sprung up around the city, offering a globally acclaimed experience of Peruvian culture and cuisine, particularly in the bohemian Barranco district.

Machu Picchu

The world’s most famous Inca site should be explored between late April and early October when the skies tend to be clear with less chance of mountain mist. However, it doesn’t matter what the weather is doing when you arrive at Machu Picchu; you will be overwhelmed by this unforgettable experience.

Peru - Machu Picchu

The Amazon

From its beginnings in Peru, The Amazon River completes its 4000-mile journey in Brazil, carving its way through the world’s largest rainforest to the Atlantic Ocean. With around 1,300 bird species and approximately 2.5 million different insects living beneath the canopy, not to mention the 40,000 species of plant life, the Amazon is a nature-lovers dream.

Enigma - Amazon - Peru

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