Dominican Republic

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There is much to explore in the Dominican Republic, with country’s rich history and tropical beauty. Santo Domingo, the capital, exudes colonial charm and historical significance. Punta Cana’s white-sand beaches and resorts invite relaxation. Explore the vibrant culture of Puerto Plata. The lush landscapes of Jarabacoa and Samaná offer eco-adventures.

Dominican Republic's Regions

Juan Dolio La Romana

Just a short trip away you can find the cosmopolitan beach town of Juan Dolio, which offers an easy and tranquil tropical escape near the capital city. It is a popular beach in the South East with great boutique hotels.

Dominican Republic - Juan Dolio La Romana

North Coast

With a plethora of vibrant beach villages and iconic landscapes, the Northern Coast of the Dominican Republic is the ideal host of cultural and intriguing outdoor experiences. As one of the first European colonies, there is a crucial historical dimension to the region, too.

Punta Cana

Blessed with one of the Caribbean’s longest white sand coastlines (48 kms), punctuated with sky-reaching coconut palms – Punta Cana is the land of rest and relaxation by the sea. Families can expect modern beach front living and enjoy miniature entertainmentcentres and water parks for children, while couples-only enclaves boast dream locations, with secluded beachside lodging for an ultra-romantic stay.

Punta Cana - Dominican Republic


Samaná is synonymous to abundance. Bordered by marvellous stretches of white sands, bathed by the serene waters of the Atlantic Ocean and enlivened by tropical forests, this heavenly place bursts with wonders of nature.


Santo Domingo

Santo Domingo is the most modern and dynamic metropolis in the Caribbean. “La Capital” – as it is affectionately called— epitomises the pulse of Dominican culture, where the old and the new converge seamlessly from centuries old architecture and history, art galleries, an electric nightlife and a booming gastronomy scene.


The Deep South

“El Sur Profundo,” on the southwest of the island is geographically removed from the country’s primary tourist destinations – but those willing to get closer will find that remoteness has its perks: the most biodiverse reserve and parks in the country, wild flora & endemic species, fresh water cascades turned natural swimming pools, birding havens tucked amid mountain ranges, and plantations producing some of the country’s finest coffee. It’s no wonder this region has also earned the nickname “La Perla del Sur”.

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