The Deep South

Dominican Republic

“El Sur Profundo,” on the southwest of the island is geographically removed from the country’s primary tourist destinations – but those willing to get closer will find that remoteness has its perks: the most biodiverse reserve and parks in the country, wild flora & endemic species, fresh water cascades turned natural swimming pools, birding havens tucked amid mountain ranges, and plantations producing some of the country’s finest coffee. It’s no wonder this region has also earned the nickname “La Perla del Sur”.Here you will find Bahía de Las Águilas, the crown jewel of Dominican beaches, sitting below breathtaking karst cliffs and untouched since Pre-Columbian times. There are also ancient Taino caverns that reveal freshwater sinkholes and rock art that few have explored. Finally the Jaragua National Park, part of a designated UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, is a must-see.

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