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Be acquainted with Brazil’s cultural richness and breathtaking landscapes. Rio de Janeiro, the vibrant metropolis, pulsates with samba and iconic beaches. The Amazon Rainforest invites exploration of unparalleled biodiversity. Salvador’s Afro-Brazilian culture enchants with historic charm. The natural wonders of Iguazu Falls awe with their majesty. 

Brazil's Regions

Atlantic Coast North: Bahia, Jericoacoara and Fernando do Noronha

The North Atlantic coast of Brazil must be one of the most beautiful and untouched coastlines in South America. Visit any of our favourite beach properties in Bahia, and you will find miles upon miles of soft sand flanked by drooping palm trees and wild Atlantic waves almost to yourself.

Atlantic Coast South: Buzios, Angra and Paraty

South of Rio, the coast of Brazil is fringed with Atlantic Rainforest and soft golden sand. The glitz and glamour of Rio and Sao Paulo migrate to Angra and Buzios in the holiday season.

Minas Gerais

From Rio, the neighbouring State of Minas Gerais is for anyone keen to understand more about South America’s colonial culture. This mountainous region is also incredibly scenic and green with forests and farmland.

Rio de Janeiro

Most of the luxury holidays in Brazil designed by our True Travel team begin or end with a visit to Rio de Janeiro. This beautiful city with its golden beaches and emerald mountains is a fantastic entry or exit point.

Rio - Brazil

The Amazon

From its beginnings in Peru, The Amazon River completes its 4000-mile journey in Brazil, carving its way through the world’s largest rainforest to the Atlantic Ocean. With around 1,300 bird species and approximately 2.5 million different insects living beneath the canopy, not to mention the 40,000 species of plant life, the Amazon is a nature-lovers dream.

Enigma - Amazon - Peru

The Pantanal

The Pantanal is the largest tropical wetland on earth. At 42 million acres, this massive expanse of waterways and marshes is one of the most biodiverse regions in the world.

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