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From The Pantanal to The Amazon

Pantanal, Campo Grande, Alta Floresta, The Amazon

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DESTINATIONS > LATIN AMERICA > BRAZIL> A Wildlife Adventure from The Pantanal to The Amazon

Designed by Evie

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  • Learn about wildlife photography in the Southern Pantanal
  • Spend the day with the scientists and researchers of a jaguar conservation project
  • Experience some of the best birdwatching opportunities in the Brazilian Amazon
  • Sail down the Cristalino River by canoe or riverboat
  • Stay at two of South America’s most important eco-lodges

What’s Included

  • Four nights full board at Caiman Lodge, Pantanal
  • One night with breakfast at Hotel Deville Campo Grande
  • Three nights full board at Cristalino Lodge, Alta Floresta
  • All domestic land transfers
  • Shared guiding included at Caiman and Cristalino Lodge

Example Itinerary

Day 1-4

Southern Pantanal

  • Spend a full day and evening with the Jaguar Habitation Team
  • Take a wildlife photography safari on a specially adapted vehicle

The Pantanal is the largest wetland in the world, covering 42 million acres. This tropical marshland is one of the most biodiverse places on earth, where thousands of species of plants and animals are there to discover.

Tucked into a 53,000-hectare reserve, Caiman Lodge has pioneered some of the most important conservation initiatives in Latin America. Through funding and tireless campaigning, endangered species in the Pantanal, including the jaguar and Hyacinth Macaw, are coming back from the brink of extinction.

Experiences include canoe trips in the wet season, nocturnal wildlife spotting, photographic safaris with expert tuition and specially adapted vehicles and taking any one of the many walking trails in the private reserve. One of the highlights that makes a stay at Caiman Eco-Lodge so memorable is the access to the jaguar conservation team. You will have the opportunity to travel with the team in the morning as they track the jaguars and check on their welfare. You may have a chance to find these majestic creatures on foot alongside African-trained trackers and see pictures taken by camera traps. Jaguars are most active at night, and a second exploration after dinner is also available.

Day 5

Campo Grande

  • Travel to Campo Grande
  • Prepare for your Amazonian Adventure

Campo Grande is the main hub of the Pantanal’s transport and trade infrastructure. Many of the region’s roads are in bad condition (some remain underwater for six months of the year), and remote fishing villages rely on light aircraft and motorboats for essential produce. This town is the gateway to the Southern Pantanal, and the Deville Prime Hotel is a simple but comfortable hotel with a large swimming pool.

Days 6-9

The Amazon

  • Adventure above the rainforest canopy from observation towers and walkways high up in the trees
  • Take specialist birding and wildlife trails alongside professional naturalist guides

Cristalino Jungle Lodge is hidden in a private reserve in the Southern Brazillian Amazon Rainforest and home to a rich variety of flora and fauna. The rooms are elegant and unfussy (as you would expect from a remote jungle lodge). The floating deck on the river is the perfect place for wildlife spotting in the early morning or late afternoon.

From Campo Grande fly to Alta Floresta airport where the Cristalino team will meet you and drive you to the port (about 1.5 hours). From here a 30-minute motorboat ride takes you to the lodge. Cristalino is known for its incredible birdwatching. Usually starting before sunrise, when birds are most active, expert guides will help you see endemic species hidden in the trees, and you will likely spot birds that cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

The lodge also has a range of excellent activities, from wildlife photography to canoeing and viewing the rainforest from the 45-metre observation towers. From up high you are likely to see macaws, toucans and aracaris feeding in the canopies.

From The Amazon, we can arrange for you to fly South to Rio or Sao Paulo for a night before international flights home. Or you may wish to extend your stay in the rainforest with a private river cruise. On the coast, the beaches and sandy dunes of Jericoacoara are within relatively easy reach.


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