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Immerse yourself in Sweden’s blend of urban sophistication and natural beauty. Stockholm, the elegant capital, boasts historic charm and modern design. The archipelago offers scenic tranquility. Explore the cultural richness of Gothenburg and its canals. In Lapland, experience the magical Northern Lights.

Sweden's Regions


The wild west of Sweden, the West Coast is where the Swedes have their holiday homes. The area is made for road tripping after a night in the student city of Gothenburg.


You only need a weekend in Stockholm to see the Swedes infamously relaxed approach to life. Built across 14 islands and a short hop from an enormous archipelago, you are only ever a stones throw away from the water.

Swedish Lapland (in Summer)

After harsh winters and more metres of snow in a year than the UK sees in a decade, the ice melts and in its place acres of forests and enormous lakes appear. It is a playground of outdoor activity and the unique lodges still provide a brag worthy space to rest your head after all the fresh air.

Swedish Lapland (in Winter)

Swedish Lapland in winter does not immediately scream ‘idyllic holiday destination’. Yet, the Northern Lights, free range reindeer, husky sledding, snowmobiling and a few warm layers suddenly make the harsh environment somewhat magical.

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