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Golden Triangle & The Mekong

Laos, Thailand

14 Day Itinerary

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Glide through the heart of the Golden Triangle up the famed Mekong River to marvel at the unique highlights on the river’s edge. Reside in Laos and meet the ‘People of Heaven’ in Muang La and prepare to be captivated by the enchanting Kuang Li waterfall


  • Learn how to make traditional Thai delicacies in a teak house overlooking Bangkok’s Chao Phraya River
  • Bathe and play with a herd of elephant in the Mekong River as the sunrises over The Golden Triangle
  • Feel like a 19th century explorer staying in a luxury tented camp surrounded by the jungles and mountains of three countries
  • Embark on a three-night adventure down the Mekong River on your own private river vessel
  • Stay ‘off the beaten track’ in Muang La, hiking through the mountainous forests to meet the ‘People of Heaven’
  • Explore the ancient town of Luang Prabang and swim in the turquoise pools of the magical Kuang Li waterfall.

Day 1 - 2: Bangkok, Thailand

  • Join Siam Hotel’s chef in the local market before learning how to cook traditional Thai dishes in a Teak house
  • Cruise down the Chao Phraya River at sunset to see Bangkok’s iconic landmarks sparkling in the afternoon sun

Rejuvenate after your flight in a riverside urban paradise set away from central Bangkok, exploring the vibrant and cosmopolitan city.

Begin your South East Asian adventure exploring the vibrant and bustling Bangkok from one of the city’s most exclusive hotels – the Siam Hotel. This urban sanctuary sits on the banks of the Chao Phraya River, set in lush gardens, with a beautiful spa and infinity pool as well as a central atrium filled with priceless antiques and heirlooms. The hotel offers cooking classes to learn how to make traditional Thai dishes in a riverside teakwood house, as well as a boxing ring for guests to train as a Muay Thai fighter for the day. Take the private shuttle boat into the centre of Bangkok to explore the markets and temples, or take a sunset cruise on the Golden Naya. This is the hotel’s refurbished historical golden teak rice barge, from which you can enjoy drinks and canapés whilst floating by the Grand Palace, Wat Arun and the Bangkok skyline.

Bangkok - Thailand

Day 2 - 5: Chiang Rai, Thailand

  • Walk through the wilderness with the camp’s herd of elephants, learning about their mischievous characters
  • Hike through coconut groves, bamboo canopies and wild jungle to watch the sun rise over the Golden Triangle

Feel like a 19th century explorer in your unique, luxury tented camp bordering three countries.

Fly to Chiang Rai before taking a riverboat through exotic bamboo jungle to the Four Seasons Tented Camp in the Golden Triangle. Here you can feel like a 19th Century explorer, staying in one of the secluded freestanding tents, with treetop terraces overlooking the Ruak River. Spend your days with the camp’s herd of elephants learning about the unforgettable characters of Asian Elephants whilst you bathe them at sunrise in the Mekong.  Help the herd’s mahouts by feeding the elephants and walking with them through the wilderness, learning about traditional medicine ingredients. Guests can pick from a selection of activities during their stay, such as a trip to see Chiang Rai’s incredible temples or sailing down the river on a private cruise past rice paddies and local villages, with Thailand on one bank and Burma on the other.

Day 5 - 8: Mekong River, Thailand & Laos

  • Set sail down the flowing heart of Southeast Asia – the Mekong River – through the beautiful Laos countryside
  • Stay in one of Gypsy’s two large suites to wake up to the fresh mountain air and flowing river

Cruise down the Mekong River, roaming remote rivers in your ultra-exclusive water vessel.

Hop on the Mekong Kingdom’s glorious two-cabin river vessel, Gypsy, from the Thai side of the Mekong River. From here you will set sail through the heart of Southeast Asia, down the river and stopping at traditional wooden teak villages along the way, visiting temples and watching silk weavers as they show you their complex craft. Try your hand at fishing, tasting Lao rice wine or learning the Lao language onboard your boat, before eating delicious gourmet meals created by the onboard chef. Dine on the sun deck, taking in the mountain views or by candlelight under the stars, and wake up to the fresh Laos mountain air and spectacular riverside views straight from your private cabin. Finish your river adventure at the Pak Ou Caves, taking a guided tour of both Buddhist caves, before arriving in Luang Prabang.

Day 8 - 9: Luang Prabang, Laos

  • Discover the ancient town of Luang Prabang, set along the Mekong River amidst Laos’ beautiful mountains
  • Climb up Phousi Hill to Wat Chom Si’s golden spire, to watch the sun set over the town’s French colonial buildings and beautiful temples

Arrive at Luang Prabang in your private river vessel before staying one evening in a luxury boutique hotel.

Gypsy will take you to the ancient UNESCO town of Luang Prang, the capital of Buddhist learning in Lao, and here you will stay at the five star luxury boutique hotel, The Luangsay Residence, for one evening. Explore the beautiful town’s markets and colonial buildings, taking a heritage tour or enjoying a meditation experience. In the evening, climb up Phousi Hill to Wat Chom Si, to experience panoramic views over the town and the Mekong River and watch as the temple’s golden dome glints in the setting sun. Enjoy a cocktail at the hotel’s 1861 colonial bar before feasting on French/Lao cuisine at the beautiful Terrace de Colonies by the hotel’s garden pool.

Day 9 - 11: Muang La, Laos

  • Hike to meet the Khamu People in a traditional mountain side teak village, to learn about their customs and ways of life in this rural paradise
  • Unwind after your walking adventures in the hotel’s thermal spring baths made on the banks of the river

Stay in rural seclusion at the Muang La Lodge in Northern Laos to meet the ‘People of Heaven’.

Drive to northern Laos to stay two nights at the riverside Muang La Lodge in a remote paradise. The hotel offers a variety of different hikes and treks through the tropical jungle mountains, where guests can visit the various mountain villages of the ‘People of Heaven’. These are the different ethnic communities found in the region who still practice their traditional customs and traditions, all of which you can learn and witness during your stay at Muang La. Walk through mountain trails, rice paddies and past grazing buffalo before enjoying the hotel’s thermal spring baths on the banks of the river or a dip in the island infinity pool across the bridge. Spend your evening enjoying a traditional Khamu music and dance show before settling into a five course meal on a candlelit terrace to the sounds of the flowing river.

Kuang Li Waterfall - Laos

Day 11 - 14: Luang Prabang, Laos

  • Wake up to give alms to the saffron robed Buddhist Monks as they make their way to the golden spired temples
  • Swim in the magical shallow pools of the Kuang Si waterfalls to see the famed turquoise waters for yourself

Finish your journey in Luang Prabang, discovering the local community, customs and temples of the ancient town.

Spend your last three days on your Southeast Asia adventure back in Luang Prabang at the beautiful luxury Amantaka Hotel, set in a historic garden estate. Begin your mornings offering alms to the monks on their way to the temples, before enjoying a guided tour historic town. A private tour of one of the most beautiful temples  – the Wat Xieng Thong Temple – can be arranged for you to see the delicate carvings away from the bustling crowds. One afternoon, head to the Kuang Li waterfalls to swim in their magical turquoise coloured pools surrounded by lush green jungle and enjoy a visit to the nearby Asiatic Black Bear sanctuary to learn about the endangered creature. On your way back to town, stop off at a unique residence to meet with an architectural specialist, to learn about the restoration of the meditation pavilion, his work with UNESCO and the preservation of traditional Lao architecture. Finish your Lao adventure sipping on cocktails on the Mekong River at sunset, reflecting on your adventures through the Golden Triangle.

What is typically included

  • Based on a private group of 4 adults
  • 2 nights Bed & Breakfast
  • 3 nights Full Board
  • 8 nights Bed & Breakfast, Half Board & Full Board accommodation in Laos
  • Sunset Cruise down the Chao Phraya
  • Thai Cooking Classes
  • Elephant Camp & Mahout Experience
  • Private 4-person river vessel cruise down the Mekong
  • Guided heritage tour around Luang Prabang

Golden Triangle & The Mekong


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