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Khulu Bush Camp

Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe


Stay at Khulu Bush Camp

This intimate lodge is located overlooking the stunning ancient riverbed, known as a ‘vlei’, notorious for attracting a vast variety of wildlife right to your doorstep. Inspired by its surroundings, Khulu Bush Camp is a secluded delight, built as a tribute to one of the Directors of the Amalinda Safari Collection, Cedric Wilde. The word ‘Khulu’ means ‘grandfather’ and is the affectionate name for Cedric by the local community and staff at the camp. If you find yourself there at the same time as him, count yourself in for a night spent relaying stories next to the bonfire. The suites are elegantly designed, with thatched roofs aimed to have as little impact on the surroundings and environment as possible.

At Khulu Bushcamp the activities available are endless.

Hwange National Park is renowned for the excellent game spotting, and morning, afternoon and all day drives are available from the camp. Alternatively, get your walking boots on and enjoy the crisp mornings from first light. Zimbabwe is home to the greatest population of the painted dog, an endangered species, and a visit to the Hwange Research Centre is highly recommended. Through the Amalinda Collection’s non-profit project “The Mother Africa Trust”, the camp can offer visits to Dete Old Age Home, local clinics and rural schools. Alternatively, if you feel like relaxing, spend some time relaxing next to a pan of water, watching animals washing and drinking.


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Jen & George

We were bundled into a vehicle and dashed off to see a leopard within the first 30 minutes of arriving; it was an AWESOME start. Our guide completely made the entire experience. He was an exceptional birder and his best party trick was to point out the bird and then tell us the exact page we could find it in our book. We combined Zimbabwe with Mozambique, and our beach hotel felt like a complete hidden gem. The sand is like ‘moon dust’ and the hospitality and food were fantastic.

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