andBeyond Mnemba Island Lodge

Mnemba Island

From snorkelling, swimming and kayaking, to massages on the beach, to doing nothing at all, Mnemba has something for everyone. If you have ever harboured the secret wish of finding yourself the sole inhabitant of a beautiful tropical island, but without the effort of having to lift a finger to fend for yourself, Mnemba Island is just the place for you! Discover sheer, unpretentious paradise on this private island, where the simple pleasures become your most treasured of memories for many years to come. Relax and unwind in the exclusivity of your own stretch of beachfront, where simple yet luxurious bandas peep out onto unblemished sands from the dappled shade of the casuarina pine foreSet on a private island off the north eastern tip of Zanzibar, Mnemba offers guests the perfect destination to get away from it all.

With just ten palm-frond guest bandas on the entire island, the only intrusion may be a visit from a curious suni antelope or two at sundown. The balmy blue waters invite you to explore the surrounding Indian Ocean. With a dive school and two dive boats for just 20 guests, you will never feel crowded during your underwater adventure. Sea breezes waft through high palm-frond roofs and large windows in your beachside banda. Open thatched dining and sitting areas provide the perfect place to watch the sun set. Enjoy lunch served on large, wooden carved platters, whilst island crabs scuttle across the sand. Later, when the magnificent African sky lights up with stars, dinner is served on the beach, with the bright moonlight reflecting off the waves as they gently lap on the beach.

Reasons we love andBeyond Mnemba Island Lodge

  • Mnemba is a true tropical barefoot paradise.
  • Baskets of fresh fruit, fish, lobsters, crabs and prawns sail into Mnemba daily on traditional ngalawa outriggers.
  • Dhow cruises are ideal for a more laidback exploration of the region, while keen angles will relish opportunities to fish the waters from some well-chosen spots.



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