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A short drive down the road from Kilimanjaro airport, sitting in the shadow of Mount Meru, the safari town of Arusha is the starting point for all safaris through northern Tanzania, with all visitors spending at least the first night of their trips here. Safari operators base themselves here, as do guides so it is a natural spot to start and end any trip. There is an excellent choice of places to stay, including an increasing number of luxury lodges where guests can enjoy spa treatments, superb food and generally relax to prepare for the safari adventure that awaits them.Although single night stays are the norm, it is possible to add some time and visit the Arusha National Park, go canoeing, tour coffee plantations and even play golf on the lower slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro. For those who do dwell for more than a night Arusha is a very rewarding area and far more than the “frontier” town that it often seems to be.

Arusha Example Itineraries

All of the trips we create for Arusha are designed and tailored specifically for you. We create each trip from a blank piece of paper, building the holiday you had dreamed, using our experience, knowledge and contacts to design the ultimate experience.

Below are some of examples of trips in Arusha that we have created, designed to showcase the destination, our expertise and create some inspiration.

13 Day Itinerary

Guide Price: £8,000pp

Guide Price: $9,600pp

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