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Words cannot describe the excitement I felt when I saw the mysterious shadow of the black Leopard - the queen of the night – gracefully emerge from the thorny African bush.

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My Experience

Throughout my childhood I religiously watched David Attenborough programmes; seeing the vast array of landscapes and fascinating wildlife made me excited about the world of travel.

My travel experience thus far has truly been incredible; from hiking up and sledging back down the snow-capped Villarica Volcano in Chile to assisting with Elephant and lion operations in Africa. I am passionate about positive impact travel and believe that off the beaten track is the best way to really connect with an area and its culture. Having previously worked in the gap year travel industry, I am very excited to have joined True Travel and to learn from the True specialists themselves.

Top Recommendations

For that real off the beaten track adventure, head to the far north-west corner of the Scottish Highlands, and discover the rugged, picturesque beauty. Cape Wrath is a location not to be missed and can only be described as pure wilderness; boasting incredible mountainous scenery and pristine, white sandy beaches.

Cape Wrath really is a walker’s paradise; venture along rough coastal paths and admire the dramatic headlands and sea stack at Sandwood Bay. If you enjoy a challenge, opt to climb the three mountains in the area – Stack, Arkle and Foinavon – the views from the top are truly breathtaking and worth the climb.

If fishing is your cup of tea, there are plenty of lochs to cast a fly on for a fresh brown trout. 

After an adventurous day, head to the Kylesku Hotel for a well-deserved dinner. The fish couldn’t be fresher, straight from nearby coastal waters; ultra-local seafood from the loch and croft-reared meat. End the day with a wee dram of whiskey from the well-stocked bar.

My Most Memorable Experience

Having been lucky enough to experience a vast array of awe-inspiring wildlife sightings across Africa, my most memorable has to be from a recent visit to Laikipia, Kenya.

After having what can only be described as an ‘African massage’ from the extremely bumpy roads on my journey, I finally arrived at the ‘Out of Africa’ style tented camp nestled on the edge of a ridge overlooking the vast savannah and meandering river below; offering spectacular panoramic views across Laikipia.

The final day was off to a rewarding start. We climbed to the top of a rocky kopje with our binoculars in hand and amazingly spotted a pride of lions we had previously heard hunting in the early hours. We proceeded to weave through the thick bush and admired the family feasting on the remains of an unfortunate Zebra.

The evening drew in and we enjoyed a bush dinner set beneath a towering fever tree; all huddled around a roaring fire – a real ‘wild at heart’ experience.

Just as we were packing up, I heard the distant call of a leopard, this sent my adrenaline pumping… could it be?

I had heard previous rumours of the elusive black (melanistic) leopard – the rarest big cat in Africa – being regularly seen in the area, but I never in a million years imagined that I would have the privilege of actually seeing one.

Words cannot describe the excitement I felt when I saw the mysterious shadow of the black Leopard – the queen of the night – gracefully emerge from the bush.

I was fortunate enough to spend hours observing her and watching her hunt Dik Dik alongside her mother. An experience that is firmly engraved in my memory!

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True Travel are an exceptional, customer focused business. Their service from initial contact to conclusion of your holiday is first class. Their expertise in the the countries where they operate enables them to perfectly tailor the trip to your requirements.

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