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With a wicked grin Svein asked me if I would like to go swimming with the orca. Two hours later, I was snorkelling in the Arctic Ocean with a pod 200 strong, dodging diving humpbacks with my heart in my mouth.

Head of Europe

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Most Memorable

Norway is special thanks to its scenery and its people. My first 24 hours in Northern Norway on this particular trip confirmed early on this to be true. Steep snow-clad mountains reflect in the fjords below through the day and come the evening, Northern Lights taking the spotlight. I was in the wild so I was eager to try everything, the moose meatballs, snowshoeing summits and staying up late to see the Northern Lights. I wasn’t anticipating to try swimming with the orca, but I knew I couldn’t refuse such an offer. Seeing an orca in the wild is humbling, dressing up as a seal in a dry suit and getting in the water with one is absolutely terrifying, but once your head is below the water the peace of the Arctic Circle returns and the orca are just as humbling as the Northern Lights.

My Experience

It was during a summer interning with True Travel that it struck me that my passion to explore, to experience and to immerse could become a career. For two years I learnt the nuts and bolts and beefed out my own little black book of European experiences and hotels. I scaled all the steps of Santorini and retraced thousands of years of history in Rome. I sat on Father Christmas’s knee and danced with the Sami under the Northern Lights. I ate every tapas in Seville and trudged through the wineries of France, north south east and west. In 2018 I returned to the team and I found myself launching the Europe desk. My role continues to take me around the world’s greatest continent through the seasons day in and day out all from the comfort of my desk. Our itineraries go the extra mile, we mean tailormade in an industry where so few do. No inquiry is too niche and no outlandish request, in my opinion, is impossible. Except for maybe a guest who wanted her poodle to lead a husky sled team under the Northern Lights…

Specialist Destinations and Experiences

So what the sunshine is not guaranteed, the local craic, green pastures, a man propping up the bar in a pub playing the fiddle and drinking a pint of Guinness is. Ireland is all about experience so when the sun comes out, it is simply a pleasant surprise. Travel to Ireland for the food, feast on oysters that Michelin Star restaurants in Paris fight over. Travel to Ireland for the culture, turf fires lit in the pub under a thatched roof, sheep herding demonstrations and if you’re lucky, a spot of Irish dance. Travel to Ireland for the history and the Irish pride in their past. Though at times the stories may seem unbelievable, our patron Saint Patrick permanently scared snakes away from the island, but regardless you need to hear them. Ireland put simply, is the most beautiful place in the world and best of all there is a side of Ireland for everyone.

My Top Recommendations For…

Rome is unmissable, take your time, don’t fret about box-ticking and think of Italy as one hundred destinations under the umbrella of one country. There is more to see, eat, visit and experience than anyone holiday could justify. Unless you have a couple of years to travel up your sleeve. Travel outside of the height of the summer season when Tuscany is green and Rome isn’t sweltering. The top attractions of Rome need no introduction – toss a coin in the Trevi Fountain, pay a premium for early access to the Vatican Museums and cover your shoulders for the Pantheon. Away from here, I encourage people to take in the many churches of the city, namely, Basilica dei Santi Quattro Coronati (inside mosaics and an Arab courtyard), Basilica di St Agostine (there is a Caravaggio inside), Chiesa di St Ignazio di Loyola (incredible frescos), San Luigi dei Francesi (another Caravaggio) and Chiesa Santa Concezione dei Cappuccini (the bones Church). Of course, after all that walking you have earnt a feast in a Trattoria, skip the crowds and cross the river to Trastevere for dinner with the locals.

Molly’s Top Experiences

The Fishers

Our family are hooked on Italy and Molly‘s passion and knowledge means she keeps finding us something new. The latest trip was in the Dolomites – Rosa Alpina is the dream. Officially our favourite hotel ever. We’re going to Puglia next but we have to wait until next year for that!

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