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As I sat in the middle of the Sumatran jungle a local orangutan approached and perched on my feet. To this day it is the closest I have ever come to wildlife in it’s natural habitat.

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Most Memorable

On my travels through Indonesia, I visited the jungle village of Bukit Lawang, in Sumatra, based along the Bahorok River and at the foot of the Gunung Leuser National Park. 

The highlight of my trip here was embarking on a two-day trek into the jungle where we camped overnight on the riverbank in the hills. After the first day, and around 6 hours of trekking, we arrived at our camp where we could relax and unwind in the heart of nature. 

As I sat in the middle of the Sumatran jungle a local orangutan approached and perched on my feet. To this day it is the closest I have ever come to wildlife in its natural habitat and one of the most immersive and memorable travel experiences of my life. Indonesia is a haven of natural beauty so I would highly recommend traversing off the beaten path for an authentic and unforgettable adventure. 

My Experience

I have had the joy of travelling to many different countries and continents but I find it particularly exciting when you get to return to a destination as you immerse yourself in the finer details each time you visit. 

I have travelled to Indonesia four times and visited a host of the islands including Bali, Lembongan, the Gili’s and Sumatra. No island is the same and they all offer such unique experiences, from horse drawn carriages in Gili Trawangan to jungle trekking in Sumatra and of course the vibrant nightlife of Bali, there is something for all types of traveller. 

I also hold a strong affinity for Hungary after having spent five weeks living in Budapest. The city is a melting pot of nationalities and influences meaning it is completely distinctive in its offering and ideal for a short escape with friends. 

My Top Recommendations For…

If you are looking for an unforgettable wildlife experience, two destinations spring to mind. Borneo is a haven for all types of wildlife as you can embark on journeys into the jungle for a day, a night or even longer if you prefer. From sun bears and orangutans to tigers and elephants, all species live in harmony among the same trees in Borneo making it ideal for a wildlife adventure like no other. 

I also had an extraordinary time visiting the Murchison Falls in Uganda where we stayed truly in the wild. By day we would embark on jeep safaris while in the evening we could enjoy a boat tour along the river to view the waterfall and watch the elephants graze on the banks as the sun set. By night we would sit out and watch at least 10 shooting stars pass overhead. Not only is this great for the wildlife enthusiasts but also those looking for a touch of romance on their travels. 

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Lucinda Ferguson

With very short notice True Travel arranged a holiday exactly measuring our request, we had a wonderful time and all the hassle was taken out of the trip

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