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With a coast line stretching over 2,500 kilometres. From its desert boarder with Namibia, the coast line heads south to the Cape of Good Hope, the most southern point of Africa. This is where the two oceans clash and the results are dramatic. The Cape is where the Atlantic meets the Indian ocean, creating a breath-taking spectacle of raw power with big waves crashing against the shore. As you begin to move northeast through the garden route and up the Indian ocean coast line the scenery changes dramatically form the desert landscape of the west. With long white sandy beaches stretching all the way up to Mozambique and dense coastal forest bordering the beaches make for experience unlike any other. South Africa also has a variety of national parks and nature reserves along its coast line. This allows you experience South Africa’s diverse marine life and wildlife.


With such as wide range of exclusive locations and bespoke experiences to choose from when exploring south Africa, you will be constantly discovering something new. Start by exploring cape town, while staying at Cape View Clifton. With arguably the best beach front view in cape town and only 15 minutes’ drive from the vibrant city centre of Cape Town. From cape Town explore the Garden route as you head north along the Indian Ocean staying in Plettenberg bay. As you continue north the town and villages begin to stop and you become emerged in nature.


South Africa is known for its wildlife and landscape. It is also known for the incredible activities offered to visitors to allow them to explore its beauty and this is certainly the case when it comes to exploring the coast line and oceans surrounding south Africa. Whether its surfing, diving, whale watching, snorkelling, fishing, shark diving, kayaking or hiking. There is a variety of fun filled activities available to give you the best opportunity of exploring South Africa’s coast line.


South Africa is the most connected country in the African continents, with the largest road network in Africa and a number of international airports and local airstrips makes moving from one location the next simple a stress free. Meaning that travelling with larger groups can be easily arranged. With True Travel, you can start your day in the Cape and finish your day watching the sun setting over the exclusive Phinda game reserve.

Missy & Harry

Absolutely amazing holiday. Garonga is heaven! We did everything possible and our guide was brilliant and hilarious. I can definitely recommend True Travel for their excellent advice and professionalism – they clearly are very knowledgeable about where they send their clients and made sure we had a worry-free holiday that perfectly suited us. We were particular grateful for the collection off our flight and help onto our transfer in Johannesburg, which included a very nifty queue jump due to their reputation!

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Start planning your truly bespoke itinerary by contacting one of our destination specialists.

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