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The True Travel foundation is proud to support the groundbreaking efforts of Seawilding as they pave the way for seagrass restoration in Loch Craignish and surrounding UK waters. This partnership marks the beginning of a positive shift in marine conservation and blue carbon initiatives as the combined efforts of Seawilding and the local community means that the lost seagrass meadows are already being restored.

With our involvement in Seawilding’s endeavours, we have raised £25,000 to fund the training of four divers to learn the intricacies of seagrass farming. This means that the cost of re-seeding can be reduced from £20 per square metre to under £14. With continuous contribution, we can help Seawilding accelerate the rate of regeneration and see the tangible benefits of seagrass meadows within our lifetimes.

  • Seagrass is a vital element of our underwater eco-systems, providing protection against coastal erosion, creating a healthy habitat for marine wildlife and sequestering carbon up to 35 times faster than tropical rainforests.
  • An astounding 92% of seagrass meadows have disappeared from the the world’s waters meaning we are losing a key source of environmental protection.
  • Now, Seawilding has employed successful methodology to restore this lost biodiversity. With the help of community volunteers, seagrass is gathered by hand, the seed is extracted and then placed in small hessian bags tethered to the seabed where it germinates.
  • In the future, the positive impact of this work means that Loch Craignish’s seagrass meadows will grow from 1 hectare to an interconnected eco-system spanning a possible 80 hectares.

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Get Involved

Every single booking supports our charity foundation. Speak to our team to find out more about how you can get involved in our community, culture and conservation initiatives.


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