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With a wide, (almost) toothless grin, Mr. Liu appeared around the corner with a giant, orange lizard on his shoulder, holding a small box containing his most prized possession – his champion crickets.

Operations and Marketing Executive

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Most Memorable

In the depths of the Beijing hutongs lives a colourful character who goes by the name Mr. Liu, or cricket Liu as he is known among friends. He is Beijing’s most beloved trainer of crickets, once a victor in the ancient imperial sport. I had visited his home to hear all about what it takes to become a champion, and to meet his best performers. With a mischievous look in his eye, he reveals his treasured crickets, proceeding to show us their ‘training grounds’. They hop across the room being mindful to avoid the giant orange lizard resting on Cricket Liu’s shoulder. Once the meet-and-greet is over, we were introduced to his other beloved friends including a friendly Pekingese pooch, a noisy cockatoo, along with many other interesting companions. As we leave, we wave goodbye to Cricket Liu as cycles off down the long, winding alleyway, taking a moment to absorb this extraordinary encounter.

My Experience

After studying for a bachelor’s in International Tourism Management I was fortunate enough to be sponsored by the British Council for an internship in China at a Beijing-based travel company. It was my role here that catapulted me into the industry and ignited my passion for discovering new people, places, and cultures. Two months quickly turned into three years and by the time I left China I had become experienced in sales and guest experience. After a quick-stint in Malta to complete a Master’s in Digital Marketing, I headed back to the UK where I now work as a True Travel Operations and Marketing Executive. Assisting with everything from client concierge requests to putting out exciting social content.

My Top Recommendations For…

Foodies: South Korea, for many, is all about a buzzing K-Pop scene and forward-thinking fashion, but what some might not know is that it is home to some of the most delicious street food in the world. In Seoul, you’ll find something tasty waiting around every corner. From Tteokbokki, a tangy, spicy rice cake often bought by hungry students as a post-school snack for the walk home. To Gyeranppang, a sweet eggy bread made from a pancake-like mix with a salty baked whole egg in its centre. If you head to the coastal city of Busan, known for its beautiful beaches (and that one, rather famous zombie movie involving a train?), you’ll find some delicious seafood delicacies. Sample grilled clams, shrimp gimbap, and, even ‘live’ squid– washed down with a bottle of soju. 

History Buffs: With one of the world’s oldest known modern civilisations, it should come as no surprise that China’s capital is a haven for history buffs. Whether you’re discovering the secrets of the Forbidden City with a historian, exploring the Confucious  Temple with a former monk, or delving deep into the hutong neighbourhoods with a Beijing local, this city is by far one of the most interesting places you’ll ever visit. 

Kirstine’s Top Experiences

Lucinda Ferguson

With very short notice True Travel arranged a holiday exactly measuring our request, we had a wonderful time and all the hassle was taken out of the trip

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  • China
  • Hong Kong
  • South Korea
  • Vietnam
  • Turkey
  • UK
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  • Spain
  • France
  • Andorra
  • Netherlands
  • Malta

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