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Seeing the art and possibility in an ice block and starting to carve with plan or instinct, this is the beauty and pace of Swedish Lapland, where the busyness of the world just doesn't seem to matter.

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Most Memorable

The Ice Hotel in Swedish Lapland was quite the experience in itself, one of the most memorable experiences was the ice dinner, where some courses are served cold – ice-cold to be precise. This was pretty amazing, but what surprised me the most was how much I enjoyed some time getting creative with ice sculpting! It is a beautifully calming and reflective exercise and lovely to see a block of ice transforming into anything you want it to be. This is also such a fun family activity with lots of different ideas and personality traits coming out; from the strategic planner to the one that just gets stuck in – no regrets, and hoping for the best. May the best ice artist win! If you are especially talented, your sculpture may be presented to the dinner guests in the restaurant for them to be wowed – in case you’re wondering: mine did not make it… There is also the ice bar close by should you need to take a creative break enjoying an ice shot or local berry juice which are simply delicious!

My Experience

Growing up in Germany, Europe always seemed like it was right on my doorstep and because of that, it didn’t excite me too much at first. Until I then realized however that this continent is an absolute joy to explore. There is such a vast diversity of culture, history and wonderful food – and distances between countries are short, which allows for many inspiring country and city combinations! Over the years, I’ve enjoyed planning all sorts of trips from Greek Honeymoons to Family adventures in Paris, from finding family roots to sampling the best whiskey. For me, a perfect trip includes a balance between exciting, bustling cities and nature scenery like a rugged coast, vineyard-covered hills or stunning views from mountain tops. Europe has it all, whether you’re looking to museum-hop, take a stroll around a quaint old town quarter or rest and relax at a sunny beach. These countries can never get boring and every trip I’ve ever planned has been different. I’m always curious to seek out new unique experiences for our beloved travellers.

Specialist Destinations and Experiences

Lapland is an area that is not your typical holiday destination, and all its unusualness is exactly why I love it! As someone who likes warm weather, the idea of polar temperatures did not spark excitement at first, but it’s the untouched fresh snow, watching the clear night skies in front of a cosy fireplace and adventures in the woodland that make up the magic of Lapland. And if you’re feeling a little chilly, there’s always the option of cuddling huskies to keep you warm before taking them out on a sled ride through the winter wonderland. If you’re someone who prefers to fly across the frozen landscape, snowmobiling is a fantastic way to explore the forests and lakes. One of my favourite experiences and things I’ve learnt about this magical part of the world is how the local people live in harmony with their surroundings. I loved the days spent walking around the forests tasting the freshest berries, herbs and syrup of the trees – a surprising feast for all the senses!

My Top Recommendations For…

Germany: There are so many assumptions about the country of poets and thinkers, and discovering this country and its deeply rooted traditions and culture will give you a new perspective on why things are the way they are. Apart from the rich history and dark chapters, modern-day Germany is a welcoming, relaxed and – yes – beer-loving nation, offering a great diversity for its visitors, from artsy and hip Berlin to the scenic river valleys and Bavarian mountain tops. I really enjoyed visiting the Boros Collection in Berlin, located in a former bunker turned nightclub turned art gallery. For history buffs, I would recommend a good couple of days in Berlin, venturing out to Potsdam for a day trip to visit the opulent Sanssouci Palace. To balance this city sightseeing, my recommendation would be to go South and enjoy the foot of the Alps, where you can find mountains and lakes for scenic views and magnificent castles that have inspired Disney fairytales. It’s best to spend a few days at a slower pace, taking a relaxing boat ride or enjoy a Bavarian evening in one of the local beer gardens.

Hanna’s Top Experiences

Sarah & Michael

We went to Portugal to experience the Douro Valley, but True Travel delivered so much more than that. We loved the experiences we requested, but it was their extra suggestions that made the trip extra special – the Presidential Train was a highlight.

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