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Why We Love Namibia



A Different Take on Sand & Sea

With the vast deserts of the Namib and the Kalahari as well as the icy cold currents of the southern Atlantic ocean Namibia is another take of the classic sand and sea holiday. Perfect for those wanting a glimpse of this uniquely beautiful country where two such vastly different landscapes meet so spectacularly.

Namibia Combinations

Despite being a world-class destination in itself Namibia is also ideally located to allow exploration of some of the best that Southern Africa has to offer. With Victoria Falls only a few hours flight away and some of the best wildlife in Africa in the Okavango just across the border in Botswana. For those groups looking for a more cosmopolitan addition to their adventure, Cape Town’s high life is a one hour flight away.

Self Driving Group Adventures

For those groups looking for an active adventure, Namibia offers a rare chance to experience Africa from a different perspective. With a fantastic network of well-managed roads, it is one of the few countries in Africa where self-driving your own 4×4 safari car is not only possible but one of the best ways to explore this special country.

Private Group Experiences

In such a vast country the range of different activities on offer is almost never-ending and no matter how adventurous you are, Namibia has it all. For those groups looking for a challenge a early morning hike up “Big Daddy” one of the Africa’s tallest sand dune it a must. Or, for those whose passion is for wildlife a private tented camp in the Hoanib region tracking Rhinos is an unforgettable experience. The perfect destinations for groups looking to spend time together in one of the world’s most pristine destinations.


The journey to Namibia and Serra Cafema was the best trip I’ve ever done. I really loved the remote camp, the way we travelled there (flying over the endless dunes and amazing coastline in a private plane) and the infinite hospitality, knowledge and passion of the whole team. We enjoyed a lot of activities: we visited the Himba people, which was the experience of a lifetime, took a quad bike tour and boat tour. For my birthday, they organised a private dinner at a beautiful, remote location.

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Start planning your truly bespoke itinerary by contacting one of our destination specialists.

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Call +1 (0) 800 635 8124


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