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There’s something inherently relaxing about listening to the sounds of the ocean, or the chattering of the rainforest, and if you close your eyes you can be transported right from your living room. Because our team are coming up with every possible way to virtually travel the world right now (and because Zoom quizzes are the height of lockdown fashion) we’ve created our own audio quiz for you to try – guess where in the world these clips were taken!


1. Guess the location. And for bonus points for you keen twitchers, have a go at naming the bird.

2. Name the location. Points go to anyone who gets the country correct, and a bonus to name the activity that our specialist Molly was about to set off on.

3. Again, name the country. And if anyone can detail any further information on the people here, we’ll be very impressed!

4. This question stumped our team during our weekly quiz! Name the animal making this sound – and to give you a hint, it’s from Africa.

5. Listen very carefully and name this water based animal. Bonus points for guessing the location our Europe specialist filmed this in. (And that’s also given you a hint!)

6. This clip was taken very recently (March 2020). Guess the location – it’s a difficult one but you may have a clue if you’ve been following our social media recently.

7. A difficult one – so we’ll give points away if you guess the continent. An extra score for the correct country, and even more if you manage to name the exact location!

8. We’re on safari – but can you name the location?

9. Hopefully, many people will be able to guess the animal featured here, but you’ll get bonus points for naming where we filmed it.

10. And rounding off with the sound of the sea. We know this one is difficult – so we’re awarding points for the correct continent – but just wanted an excuse to share this beautiful beach video with you for some wanderlust!


1. This clip was filmed in the rainforest surrounding Awasi Iguazu, in Argentina, not far from the famous Iguazu Falls. For the bonus point, the bird featured was the call of a Toco Toucan. The story behind this clip is even more spectacular – it was captured by Juan Pablo Culasso, who was born blind. He taught himself how to identify birds by listening to their song and has become one of the world’s most respected bird experts, using just his ears, not his eyes. Watch below to learn more about his story.

2. The howling animals were huskies – very excitable before going out! The clip was captured by our European guru Molly on her trip to the Swedish Arctic Circle, and the activity was of course husky sledding. Watch the clip below to see her out in the snow.

3. The dancers here are members of the Antandroy Tribe in South East Madagascar, filmed by our COO Peter at Mandrare River Camp. Watch below for the original clip.

4. Surprisingly, the animal squeaking its way through this clip was a rhino. Watch the original clip below if you don’t believe us!

5. Another squeaking animal sound to identify – and this time it was a killer whale (or orca) from the clip below, captured by Molly on her trip to go snorkelling with orcas in the fjords of Norway.

6. This year has brought the largest floods to Victoria Falls since the 1970’s, with precious life-giving water heading towards the Okavango Delta and the Zambezi River itself, after years of drought. The sound clip was filmed at the end of March 2020, and the video below is an exclusive peek into Vic Falls at the moment; at a time when very few will see it in person, this videographer got permission to film this week (beginning of May 2020) during lockdown.

7. This clip was filmed by our Marketing Manager Abi, and was part of the daily sunset performance at Uluwatu Temple, Bali.

8. In this clip, we’re joining guide John Stevens in Mana Pools National Park, Zimbabwe, listening to the sounds at dawn before heading out to find what’s making them!

9. This roaring lion was captured by our COO Peter in the Mara North Conservancy in the Masai Mara, Kenya. We won’t share the video clip as there’s not much to see – it was filmed in the pitch black!

10. And we’re rounding off with this beautiful beach on the island of Sumba, Indonesia. Our Marketing Manager Abi captured this at breakfast, after hiking across the island from Nihi Sumba to this secluded beach, where you’ll be met with breakfast and a day full of spa treatments right on the seafront – pure heaven.

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