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Discover the culinary whirlwind that you can embark on when visiting Vietnam. Be adventurous and try the local specialities in order to fully immerse yourself in the fascinating culture.

About the Author

About the Author

"My time working in the luxury travel industry started 13 years ago following a backpacking trip around South East Asia and Australia. At the time of joining the world of luxury travel, I was working as a worldwide travel consultant arranging trips anywhere and everywhere."

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For many travellers, food is a crucial part of their holiday and something that has to be got right. Some are determined to try local cuisine; others may want the comfort of familiar food.  Deciding where to eat at any market is always a difficult, and sometimes overwhelming task. Many tend to gravitate towards food stalls where other westerners are eating. However, these are not necessarily the best Vietnamese food stalls, but rather are those tailoring the dishes to a western palate. I would absolutely recommend being adventurous.

Every Night Market will have a great selection of food, with certain parts of Vietnam having specialty dishes. General food stand favourites, and mine too, are; Goi Con (translucent spring rolls) which are great for a refreshing snack, Pho, Vietnam’s National Dish (a noodle soup with pieces of meat and herbs), Cao Lau (a thick rice noodle dish with mint and a light soup), this is best in central Vietnam, and for those vegetarians out there, Com Tao (a rice noodle dish with vegetables lime and chili) can be enjoyed by everyone.

Being a foodie myself, travelling through Asia was an exciting experience for both me and my taste buds. In Hanoi, Vietnam, I left the choice of where and what to eat up to my friends. As we walked through the town, none of us exactly sure of where we were heading, we ended up in a local restaurant a little unsure what the food would be like. We were led up a small, winding staircase until we reached the third floor and were taken to a table where we were given all the ingredients for a Hanoi specialty of Bun Cha, which is, essentially, a small hamburger. It has been char grilled and then served with a selection of foliage, cold rice noodles and a sweet sauce. This hidden gem off the tourist streets gave me one of the best meals on my trip through Vietnam. I could not recommend more that you embrace your adventurous side and venture off the beaten track of the cities. You will find local specialties that you will remember for a long time to come.

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