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Epic Travel Experiences: For the Wanderers

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Epic travel experiences are made when every detail is expertly hand-crafted, designed around your personal tastes, interests and curiosity. Away from the crowds, and in the truly wild places, staggering landscapes can come into vision. In a world where skyscrapers don’t block the horizon, concrete roads do not obstruct your path and the sounds of the open space hum delicately in the distance, there are incredible vistas to be seen. Our experts always venture off the beaten path, into places lesser known and more pristine, here are their top recommendations for your next far flung adventure.

The Mirror of Bolivia

Spend 11 days exploring Bolivia’s diverse beauty with 3 nights at an iconic salt hotel, from £5,000 per person.

In the heart of Bolivia, you will find the largest Salt Flats in the world, spanning over 10,000 square kilometres. Often desolate for miles at a time, the boundaries of the Flats are seemingly never-ending and in the rainy season, they transform into a tranquil reflective mirror.

Sand Dunes of Sossusvlei

Sculpted and shaped by the wind for centuries, the dunes of Sossusvlei desert are some of the highest in the world. With its rich and unique red sand, sprawling salt pans and desert-adapted wildlife, the Namib sand dunes are truly a bucket-list destination for all.

Rolling Himalayas

Most famously known for being home to Mount Everest, over 800km of the dramatic Himalayan peaks reside in Nepal. Explore the complex network of trails on foot and navigate the towering mountain range alongside a local Nepalese climber.

Norway’s Hidden Waterways

Cruise through the Norwegian Fjords, set on the west coast of the country and totalling 1,190 in number. Aptly named among the best unspoiled destinations in the world by UNESCO, their mesmerising natural beauty blends land, water, and sky.

Green Fields of Kyrgyzstan

Enjoy a truly unique all inclusive 10 day riding tour of Sary Chelek, from £5,250 per person.

Plunging valleys, rolling meadows and pristine lakes all characterise the Tien Shan mountains, where you will find the Sary Chelek Nature Reserve. This region is untouched by the modern man and the colours of nature come alive in spotless vibrancy year round.

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