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Despite having the world at our fingertips in the modern day, there are still so many destinations to discover, people to meet and mysteries to solve. Not all questions we have can be answered, and this is more evident than ever when looking at some of the greatest enigmas that have spanned millenniums, unsolved by all generations past and present. If you’re looking to ignite curious minds and see some of the most fascinating ancient relics that perplex all who visit, these are our top recommendations. And, if you find the answers on your travels, please let us know!

Secrets of Stonehenge

One of England’s greatest mysteries and a truly iconic archaeological site, Stonehenge’s origins continue to be debated almost 5,000 years after its first conception. Step inside the famously restricted circle of Stonehenge and decode the structure that perplexes so many.

The Moai of Easter Island

Located off the coast of Chile, Easter Island is famed for its large stone figurines known as ‘Moai Figures’. With over 1,000 statues dotted across the island, each sculpture honours an important person who passed. Now, take a guided tour to observe these dramatic structures up close.

An Egyptian Enigma

3 nights in Cairo and a privately guided tour of the Pyramids with an archaeologist, from £1,875 per person.

Built approximately 4,500 years ago, the Great Pyramid of Giza has earned its spot in the Seven Wonders of the World. Centuries on, you can now learn the intricacies of the complex structure with an expert guide at the helm of your time in Egypt.

The Lost City

Explore the Mayan Ruins with a private guide and spend 5 nights in Mexico, from £3,100 per person.

As far back as 600 BC, the Mayan civilisation thrived in Mexico’s rural lowlands until a mysterious decline meant that by 900 AD, the community ceased to exist. Cycle through the 1,500 year old abandoned city and feel the mystifying atmosphere of a civilisation lost.

Hidden in Loch Ness

Inspired by Scottish folklore, the legend of the Loch Ness Monster has long been one of the greatest mysteries of UK waters. Take a trip to Scotland’s Inverness and track down the mythical creature on a boat tour, spotting whales and dolphins as you go.

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