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The hypnotising nature of Peru lies not just in the well-known paths of Machu Picchu, Lima and the Inca Trail, but also the hidden valleys, remote communities and true wilderness of the Amazon. To truly immerse yourself in this intoxicating country you must delve into the diverse, and deeply fascinating, treasures that are waiting beyond the tourist books.

Covering nearly two thirds of the country, the Peruvian rainforest is alive with a thriving ecosystem of flora, fauna, birdlife and deeply fascinating animals that roam the Amazon.

Home to almost 4,000 unique species, hundreds of indiginous communities and over 48 billion metric tons of carbon, the lush canopy of green that fills Peru is an essential hub of life. Mighty in its beauty and influence, visitors should not only revel in the wonder of the Amazon but also actively protect it.

Secrets of the Sacred River

The Sacred River, true to its name, is tucked to the East of the Peruvian Amazon and has long been respected by local inhabitants for its naturally healing properties. Surrounded by a kaleidoscope of flourishing plantlife, visitors are truly immersed in the jungle as they seek out unique and authentic wellness treatments, born from the biodiversity of the Sacred River. Juan, a local ‘curandero’, or healer, can host guests away from modern comforts and into the remote lifestyle of the rainforest as he unveils the secrets behind his esteemed reputation for relaxation.

Nature’s Relics

Delve into the natural relics of the Amazon and head to a tucked away region of Tambopata to stay at a lodge that doubles as a research centre. If there is a specific species you are particularly fascinated by, it can be arranged for you to be introduced to the history, lives and habitats of your favourite creatures or, alternatively, spark curiosity with a general overview of the Amazon’s biodiversity and learn all about the intricate network that sustains its ecosystem.


Cruise through the Jungle

Taking place in the Northern Amazon, where water levels are deeper and state of the art cruises meander along the banks of the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve rainforest, board your private cruise and get a unique viewpoint to some of the Amazon’s most fascinating and diverse flora, fauna and wildlife. With the distant hum of birdlife, the calming motion of water beneath the stern and a cold drink in hand, unwind in a truly wild destination.


Amazon Wellness Retreat

Tucked on the outskirts of Puerto Maldonado, a local community passionately protects hectares of land that lines the Tambopata River and are being invaded for profitable farming and mining purposes. In this community, is Vanessa Frias, a young, active and empowered woman that runs a wellness centre in the heart of the jungle. Together, you will unwind and reconnect with nature – enjoy workshops with a yoga master, walks amongst the biodiversity on your doorstep, nature drives in the Amazon and feast on locally sourced, organic cuisine.

Adventure and archaeology. These are the defining features of your time in the Peruvian highlands as you head off the beaten track and into spectacular mountain scenery. Remote villages scatter the sweeping valleys of Peru’s inland regions and historical archeological ruins offer a glimpse into the country’s past. From the ever evolving topography that shifts under foot each century, to the age- old traditions that stand strong among rural communities, the highlands are steeped in heritage waiting to be discovered.

Community of Patacancha 

High in the mountains, Patacancha sits at the end of a bumpy, dirt road and is home to a remarkable community of weavers. These individuals have preserved their traditions, despite modern evolutions, through their lifestyles, textiles and housing, still to this day dressing in the characteristically red ponchos that have defined their identity for decades. When engaging with local communities, it is vital for the experience to benefit the visited as well as the visitor, and therefore the focus of your visit is to better understand the community of Patacancha and help preserve their art and traditions.

Off-Trail Trekking

Peru cannot be discussed without acknowledging, and experiencing, the vast trekking potential the country is home to. From the world-renowned Inca Trail to the Wonder of the World, Machu Picchu, and even lesser known routes such as Wakrapukara and Choquequirao, trekking in Peru is an absolute must. Roam off the beaten path and cross remote Andean communities, pass snow-capped peaks and wander among dramatic archaeological constructions. Alongside on the ground experts, curate a perfectly custom trekking expedition, tailored to your experience, interests and abilities.

Treasure Hunts

Ignite the curiosity of your little ones by integrating an educational experience into your Peruvian itinerary, enabling them to connect with their destination and be fully immersed in the cultural experiences at their fingertips. Embark on a tailor-made treasure hunt that will take you through the streets of Cusco and challenge your brood to complete tasks, answer questions and engage with the city’s landmarks along the way.

Rural Pisco Haciendas

If you have visited France for its wine, Scotland for its whisky or Mexico for its tequila, then Peru for the pisco should be next on your list. Stop by the hacienda where one of the world’s most renowned pisco brands is distilled and embrace a true Peruvian experience. Ride Paso horses through the vineyards, taste local delicacies while staying in one of just five rooms available at the hacienda and taste pisco fresh from the distillery alongside a real, authentic master.

Vast and varied, Peru’s coastline is unlike any other. Whilst it does offer the traditionally attractive sandy beaches, azure blue oceans and sun-filled escapes, Peru’s door to the South Pacific is also home to unmatched seafood gastronomy, a diverse marine ecosystem and fascinating topography, from stretching deserts to rugged cliff tops.

The Many Faces of Salsa 

Just outside of Lima, the seaside city of Callao is lined with street art by local Peruvian artist Alexis Villanueva Puente, also known as ‘Salsa’. Starting his work in 1996, Salsa’s art displays large characters inspired by the salsa music and dance scene from the city, each piece is infused with the positive messages heard in the songs of local musicians such as Frankie Ruiz, Celia Cruz and Tito Puente. Explore the city and uncover the faces depicted on the walls of homes, restaurants and buildings dotted through the streets, the power of unity and community portrayed in each artwork.

Farm-to-table Dining 

Half an hour south of Lima, authentically Peruvian orchards produce some of the tastiest plants, herbs and greens that are then hand-picked by renowned chefs and delivered to top restaurants across Lima. During your visit, be accompanied by the farm’s owner and his wife, both dazzlingly passionate, as they guide you through the farm to taste the ingredients in their raw form before dining on delightful creations straight from the orchard, cooked and prepared by the local chef.

Community Initiatives

Take the time on your travels to engage with causes that you hold close to your heart, whether you want to research a specific idea or find a local cause that you’d like to support, there is always an opportunity to create a positive impact with your travels. Whether it be small or large, connecting with the local community as you travel will not only create unforgettable memories for you, but also unite you with the places you visit, through long-lasting human connection. You can choose to learn about the rich heritage of Cusco, spend time with local families over a meal, or even partake in a coastline conservation project, our on the ground experts are on hand to show you the true Peru.

Northern Beaches 

Often only visited by avid surfers, Peru’s northern coastline is frequently overlooked by visitors who instead choose to head to the more talked about south coast. However, to the north of the country, lining the Pacific ocean, a serene ambience filters through the air as the freedom from crowds gives you space to truly relax. Plan your visit for July to October and observe the humpback whale migration from portside, visit the local village of Cabo Blanco for a day of fishing and fresh seafood gastronomy, or simply unwind at a private villa in the low- key town of Menorca, where onsite staff look after your every desire.

Curate a truly bespoke Peruvian experience, where you can take home stories of days with toy makers in their artistic workshops, nights with farmers in the countryside and mornings with the empty trails of Machu Picchu at sunrise. Pieced together like a meticulous mosaic, your memories of Peru will stand the test of time, and be lifelong.

Explore the rainforests, highlands and coastlines of Peru on a 10 night adventure, with accommodation on a bed and breakfast basis, private transfers and experiences, and all flights included. Price on request.

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