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15 of the Best Beaches in the Seychelles

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The Seychelles, considered one of the top honeymoon destinations in the world, is a group of islands in the Indian Ocean known for their beautiful stretches of sand. Located just off the coast of East Africa, this archipelago boasts pristine, white sandy beaches surrounded by turquoise calm waters. When you think of tropical heaven and luxurious resorts, the Seychelles is probably the place that pops into your head.

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The beaches in the Seychelles are what make this destination a slice of heaven on earth. The weather here is beach perfect all year round and the beaches are set against a gorgeous backdrop of lush green hills and lapped by exquisite crystal-clear waters, meaning that visiting the Seychelles is truly an experience like no other.

Whether you want to slip into the water for a swim, go diving or snorkelling around the lush reefs, enjoy some tasty cocktails with a superb view on places like La Dugue island or Silhouette island, enjoy total quiet somewhere like North island, or simply relax on the pristine beaches and work on your tan, you’re sure to find your ideal beaches in the Seychelles.

To help you out, our travel experts have put together our list of the 15 best beaches in the Seychelles as part of our Seychelles travel guide.


Anse Intendance is an exquisite beach located in the south of Mahé island. It’s surrounded by magnificent granite structures, giving it a dramatic appearance and making it a favourite for photographers. It’s also one of the most popular choices for surfers, as the water is perfect for catching a wave or two. However, it’s not the best option for swimming, as strong currents mean that the water can get rather deep and the waves can get quite rough, especially between May and September. That said, the picturesque beach is an ideal location to simply relax and sunbathe. The beachside Banyan Tree Resort has a bar where you can make up for the rough waves by sipping a cocktail or two.


Anse Major is a bit of a hidden wonder, because it’s quite difficult to reach. There are only two ways to find this delightful beach: by hiking through Morne Seychellois National Park or by hopping on a boat. As a result, it’s usually fairly quiet, perfect for finding your own slice of heaven in the Seychelles. There are no resorts or shacks here, so you need to carry your own food and drink with you down to this wild beach. However, that shows how natural and untouched this beach still is. The water and the pretty bay also provide some incredible opportunities for snorkelling and scuba diving.


Anse Lazio is possibly one of the most beautiful beaches in the Seychelles, if not the world. The water here is a gorgeous blue colour and almost unbelievably clear. Golden sand fringes the coast, creating a picture-postcard scene. It’s a great beach for sunbathing, relaxing, swimming and snorkelling. If you can drag yourself up early, it’s also a magical place to watch the sun rise, when you’ll have the beach almost to yourself.  No wonder it’s constantly referred to as one of the best famous beaches in the world.


Anse Georgette is truly mesmerising. Located in Praslin, the water is free from corals and rocks, so as you stand at the water’s edge you can see the pure white sand that the beaches on Praslin are known for stretching into the distance on the seabed. The beach is next to the Constance Lemuria Hotel, which only allows a select number of non-residents to visit it. This ensures the beach is never overcrowded, even in peak season. But don’t worry about missing out; all you need to do is call the hotel in advance and they’ll make sure you get your day in this magical spot. The lush green trees fringing the beach only add to its charm.


When you look at pictures of the Seychelles or conjure up images of its white sandy beaches and unbelievable shades of blue water in your mind, you’re possibly thinking about Anse Source D’Argent in La Digue. This superb beach is dotted with boulders along its golden sands, giving it an extra-special charm. No wonder it’s a popular location for movies, photo shoots and ads.

A unique feature of this sand beach is its shallow, clear waters, which make it ideal for snorkelling. You don’t even need a snorkel to fully appreciate the bustling marine life here – if you stand at the water’s edge, you’ll see curious fish swimming around your feet. However, since it’s one of the most popular beaches in the Seychelles, it can get rather crowded, so time your visit right to really appreciate its beauty. The beach extends beyond the boulders, so you can always wander away from the crowds and search for your own little cove.


Anse L’Ilot is pristine and somewhat of a hidden treasure of Mahé. It’s difficult to find, so it’s generally only those in the know who find their way to its picture-perfect shores, where it quickly becomes one of their favourite beaches. Part of the reason it’s so mysterious is that it is only visible at low tide; at high tide, the beach disappears under the Indian Ocean.

Tall, thin palm trees gently sway along the shoreline, making it irresistible. The water is ideal for swimming and snorkelling, but do watch out for falling coconuts! Owing to its secluded nature, this beach is especially good for honeymooners or those on a romantic holiday.


The name of this islet literally translates to ‘Hidden Island’, aptly named as it appears to be hidden behind Cerf Island. However, you can walk over here during low tide. The waters are perfect for swimming and its flourishing coral reef offers a stunning experience for snorkelers or scuba divers.

According to legend, there’s plenty of pirates’ treasure and gold buried beneath this gorgeous beach, so keep your eyes peeled when you take a stroll along its shores. However, its hidden location helps to ensure it’s relatively quiet, so you can dig for treasure in peace!


Anse Severe, located in the northern part of La Digue, faces Praslin Island, so visitors have a magnificent view to keep them occupied while they’re lounging on the sands or swimming along the bay. It’s especially popular in the evening, when you get the rare opportunity to witness the sun set over the second-largest island in the Seychelles. The rock and coral structures formed just offshore have created a natural barrier from the open ocean, making it a safe spot for children or unconfident swimmers. It’s also a great place to hire a boat and explore the coastline and many other Seychelles beaches.


Dusted with massive boulders, this golden sandy beach located in the southwest of Mahé is often called one of the most picturesque beaches in the archipelago. You can climb the boulders for spectacular views over the island and the beautiful, clear waters stretching into the distance. The beach is also lined with Takamaka trees, after which it is named.

Anse Takamaka is another great choice for those who love snorkelling, thanks to its thriving coral reef and myriad tropical fish. However, be sure to pack your own snorkelling equipment, as there are no rentals available at the beach. The shallow water also makes it a perfect choice for children and those who love to swim.


Beau Vallon beach is quite possibly the most famous beach in the Seychelles. It’s also one of the longest. Its shimmering sands and glistening turquoise waters make it the most popular beach on Mahé, with most people visiting at least once during their stay. It is a place to simply kick back, relax and enjoy its beauty, particularly if you’re staying in one of the nearby resorts in Seychelles. Its abundant and thriving marine life attracts divers and snorkelers, and the waves are generous enough to allow for some fun surfing.

However there are plenty of facilities here, meaning you can also choose to go fishing, windsurfing, kitesurfing, or jet-skiing. Do stick around until the end of the day, because the sunsets here are mesmerising – perfect for a sundowner. There’s a nightclub right by the beach for those who love to end the day with a bit of dancing, music and drinks.


Anse Soleil is pure bliss, surrounded by a border of healthy and lush coconut, pine and almond trees, and blessed by the sun. The foliage provides ample shade, although be wary of falling coconuts. This little beach stays true to the beauty of a pristine Seychelles spot with its gorgeous powder-fine sand and turquoise blue water. The water is great for swimming and snorkelling and, sometimes, for surfing as well. During high tide, the water can get quite deep so swimmers should be careful. The golden sand of this beach looks extra special immediately after high tide.


This calm, serene bay is located in the north of Praslin and has shallow water that makes it ideal for swimming. You can also try out snorkelling, fishing or boating. The rich palm trees offer shade from the sun as you relax on the beach. From here, you have superb views over Cote D’Or, the islands of St. Pierre and Chauve Souris.

Photographers will be delighted with the pretty sailboats dotting the waters, creating a magical sight. If you plan to visit this beach by land, it is best to call the hotels in advance. However, if you are visiting by boat, simply sail up and enjoy your day. The sunsets here are divine and certainly add to the magic of Anse Gouvernement.


Anse Pasquière, located on the north-eastern coast of Praslin, has very shallow waters, making it a little unsuitable for swimming. However, it’s a great spot for wildlife and nature lovers as it offers incredible opportunities to get intimate with nature. With its flourishing coral reefs and thriving marine life, visitors head here to go snorkelling and to see the abundant bird life, including grey heron and green-backed heron, attracted here by the excellent fishing.

You can join them, as it’s a popular place to go fly-fishing, too. Or simply pack up a picnic and munch on the sands while appreciating the nature around you. It’s one of the more untouched beaches in the archipelago and there’s a good chance you may have it to yourself.


Baie Lazare is a gorgeous crescent-shaped bay named after the French explorer Lazare Picault. This beach is the complete package with soft white sand, spectacular blue water and massive granite structures creating the perfect Seychelles moment. Along with swimming and snorkelling, this beach is a popular destination for windsurfing.

The end of the bay offers a stunning view of sunset as you rest under some almond trees. Plus, it has a fascinating history of pirates and buried treasure! It’s said that locals discovered buried treasure here that’s now displayed at the national museum. If you’re curious about the history of pirates in the Seychelles, visit the museum, then come here to see if you can find your own buried treasure! Or simply lie back and enjoy the intrigue surrounding this spot.


Anse Cocos located in the east of La Digue is a photographer’s dream. It has the best of everything the Seychelles has to offer – the luxurious fine powder sand that’s white with streaks of gold, water that glistens in fascinating shades of blue and green, and plenty of shade thanks to the stunning palm trees that sway along its shoreline.

There’s a collection of natural pools here, creating safe enclosures for children. The beach is a bit of a walk from Grand Anse, but it’s well worth the effort. And because it takes a little effort to reach its shores, you may just have the place all to yourself. So you can relax, chill out, and take beautiful photos without another soul in sight.

With their glorious white-sand beaches, turquoise waters, and lush backdrops, the beaches of the Seychelles are the epitome of a tropical paradise. If you’re excited to explore Seychelles’ magnificent beaches, you can discover which time of year to visit here, or contact one of our travel experts at True Travel. We’ll help you find your ideal Seychelles beach.

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