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Hidden away amidst the vast unsullied stretches of desert landscape, some of the world’ s most luxurious and romantic lodges take advantage of unique privacy and exclusivity that Namibia has to offer. Far away from the crowds, these unspoiled destinations allow couples on safari to spend time together discovering flawless, vast wilderness. For those lucky honeymooners who visit Namibia, a private early morning balloon flights over the golden dunes of Sossusvlei ending in a champagne breakfast a stone’s throw from your luxury lodge is the perfect culmination to any honeymoon.

Most Memorable

Namibia is home to one of the world’s most jaw-droppingly beautiful landscapes. The Skeleton Coast National Park stretches almost the entire length of the country and is so named for the abandoned shipwrecks that litter it’s entire length. Nowhere else in the world will you find such contrasting topography, where deserts fall into the Ocean, separated by pristine golden beaches. A stroll together through this remote corner of the world is a memory to cherish.

Specialist Destinations and Experiences

What sets Namibia’s apart from other honeymoon destinations and also serves as one of it’s greatest attraction for a romantic getaway is the fascinating “Moon-like” nature of it’s unique and remote desert landscapes. From the perfectly flat salt pans of Etosha National Park to the slowly moving “Sea of Sand” in Sossusvlei. Namibia is a country which offers a rare glimpse into a landscape that has remained unchanged for an Age, romantic on all levels and no better place to enjoy your honeymoon.

My Top Recommendations For…

Namibia is not considered a traditional big game safari destination but is instead home to some of Africa’s rarest wildlife. Track desert-adapted elephants living amongst the sand dunes of the Namib and desert adapted Lions surviving in one of the driest regions of the world. Finding these animals on the unblemished wilderness that they live in, is a safari experience like no other and far removed from the crowds of family travel. The perfect safari honeymoon destination.

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