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Luxury Southeast Asia Itineraries

These example itineraries are here to get you inspired, but no two True Travel holidays are the same. Our Southeast Asia experts start planning each trip with a blank piece of paper, designing every itinerary 100% personalised to you.

William & Sue

Our travel is inspired around food experiences and we love Vietnamese cuisine. Katie really listened to our interests and tailored such a memorable trip, we felt like everyone was briefed before we got there so it just all ran so seamlessly. A wonderful holiday.

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Why We Love South East Asia



Bustling City Life

Asia’s sprawling cities are bursting with energy. Thriving business districts, modern retail markets and restaurant’s compete for their space in the market whilst tuktuks, traditional vegetable markets and old age histories still prevail. If you rise early to wander around Chiang Mai’s old town, you will spot monks dressed in satin robes, practicing in their Alm’s offerings. In Vietnam’s capital,  head to Hanoi’s charming old quarter to marvel at the famous train that runs through a residential street and sit on street corners drinking coffee with the locals. Head to Vietnam’s cultural capital, Ho Chi Minh, where you are encouraged to get down on your hands and knees and crawl through the Cu Chi tunnels, an extensive underground network built to protect soldiers during the war.


South East Asia is a destination known to be rich in handicraft tradition. Whether you are learning to weave a basked in Hoi An, or mould a clay pot in the Cambodian countryside, spending time and learning from these local craftsmen is incredibly refreshing. With every textile comes a story, most families have been passing the techniques down the family tree for decades.

Experience traditional fishing techniques, such as night squid fishing, on the island of Phu Quoc or learn to weave silk in Thailand. For over 200 years, the heritage of cotton weaving in Ban Nong Ngueak has been preserved. An ethnic group from Myanmar, called the Yong people have been passing down their weaving techniques for generations.


Beaches & Bays

Asia is renowned for having an abundance of  soft, palm-fringed sand beaches and world class hotels. Southern Thailand is most commonly known for having some of the most beautiful white sandy beaches to include Krabi, Khao Lak, Koh Lanta, Koh Samui and Phuket. For diver’s, head to Similan Islands off the coast of Phang Nha. Vietnam’s coast is brimming with beautiful beaches. Ninh Van Bay provides the ultimate luxury beach escape in a serene setting, while watersports lovers should head to the more lively coastal city of Nha Trang, a popular scuba-diving location. Alternatively, simply grab a snorkel to discover the vibrant tropical reefs around the Cham Islands. Private islands are popping up in the Mergui Archipelago in Myanmar, not to forget Langkawi and the Tioman Islands that are never far away. 

Rural Scenery

Feast your eyes on the unspoilt nature in Thailand’s Hill country or whilst sailing down the Mekong River. When travelling around Laos, there is plenty to see. Dense jungles, caves, great mountains, rivers, limestone cliffs and rice fields. This is one of the hidden charms of this magnificent country, still relatively untouched and undiscovered.

Trek through the luscious green rice fields of Sapa, go sandboarding across the rolling dunes in Mui Ne, interact with locals as you explore the extraordinary Song Doong caves (largest in the world) and spend an afternoon soaking up nature’s finest nutrients in a mud bath in Ninh Van. The mesmerising Mekong Delta, awash with floating markets amidst mangrove forests, is best traversed by boat. 

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Start planning your truly bespoke itinerary by contacting one of our destination specialists.

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