Eastern Cape

South Africa

The Eastern Cape is a delightful and much undervisited part of South Africa, offering some of the country’s most beautiful beaches, a number of diverse safari options and some hugely interesting historical sites.The beaches are on the Indian Ocean, so offer warm water for swimming or surfing and whilst there aren’t any beach resorts as you have on the Indian Ocean islands, it is a lovely spot for a few days R&R. The region was the site of the Frontier Wars that the British fought against the indegenous Xhosa between 1779 and 1879 and there are a number of monuments to the wars and guides to tell you the stories of the battles.The wildlife viewing experience here is incredibly rewarding, albeit lacking the formidable reputation that other areas such as The Kruger offer. There is the chance to spend some time in the beautiful Karoo region where a number of hugely interesting conservation projects are taking place to reintroduce wildlife to the area.

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