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Ultimate Seychelles Island Hop


12 Day Itinerary

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Island hop in style across the Seychelles using a helicopter, absorbing panoramic views of the enchanting scenery of white powdered beaches, unique rock formations and glistening blue waters before settling into one of these tropical island paradises.


  • Catch an aerial view of all the islands whilst flying by helicopter to each island
  • Relax in paradise, with views of the iconic Seychelles granite boulders surrounded by tropical greenery
  • Take a dip and go snorkelling in the crystal blue waters
  • Enjoy three different island experiences staying at the finest hotels
  • Hop on day trips to explore more of the local islands

Day 1 - 4: Mahé, Seychelles

  • Indulge in treatments at the beautifully open and tropical spa
  • Each villa is positioned for complete privacy, offering breathtaking views

This island is the largest in the Seychelles archipelago and is home to Victoria, famous for its gardens, architecture and markets

Fly to the largest island in the Seychelles, where you’ll spend three nights at Maia, an exclusive hotel secluded in acres of lush forests and untouched white sandy beaches. Here, adapt to the laid-back ethos with yoga classes, swimming and snorkelling off the beach. Descend deeper into this underwater haven for scuba diving and deep-sea fishing adventures. Head to Beau Vallon Bay for activities such as parasailing and windsurfing, and visit vibrant local markets whilst exploring the island.

Day 4 - 8: Félicité, Seychelles

  • Head to the top of the hill for champagne and canapes as the sun sets
  • Enjoy winding through the granite boulders on your way to a spa treatment

This beautiful island is a densely forested granitic island which has grown in size since its days as a coconut plantation.

Travel by helicopter to Félicité Island where you’ll spend four nights at Six Senses Zil Pasyon. Nestled within paths of impressive fauna, gigantic granite rocks and encompassed by three pristine beaches, relax in this secluded hideaway where stand up paddleboarding is the flavour of the day. With a local expert, seize the opportunity to go fly fishing and deep-sea diving with green turtles and manta rays. From here, explore the nearby small islands such as La Digue and Curieuse on day boat trips.

Day 8 - 12: North Island, Seychelles

  • Experience ultimate privacy at one of the world’s most exclusive beach destinations
  • The hugely spacious villas will make you never want to leave your room

This small granite island is not only one of the most exclusive hideaways in the world, but also a royal favourite.

End your holiday in paradise with a five-night stay on the private North Island. Whilst here, get a real taste of North Island’s ‘no shoes, no news’ ethos. Fully immerse yourself in the laid-back lifestyle of this extraordinary location, where coconut groves meet giant granite boulders. Rise to a morning yoga session, go hiking with an island conservationist and catch a sunset whilst relaxing on West Beach. For those seeking adventure, we’ll arrange for you to go on an underwater diving adventure to spot whale sharks and blotch-eye soldierfish in Silhouette’s Marine National Park.

What is typically included

  • 7 nights fully inclusive at Maia & North Island
  • 4 nights half board at Six Senses
  • All non-motorised water sports
  • Day boat trips
  • Diving and fishing at an additional cost
  • International Economy class flights
  • All helicopter transfers

Ultimate Seychelles Island Hop


Day Itinerary

Guide Price




11 Day Itinerary

Guide Price: £7,100pp

Guide Price: $8,500pp

9 Day Itinerary

Guide Price: £5,800pp

Guide Price: $6,900pp

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