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Epic Namibia

Windhoek, Karas Region, Skeleton Coast, Ondekaremba

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Designed by Felix

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10 days


  • Explore the epic vast landscapes of this African nation like no other
  • Enjoy the thrill of the Shoeman Brother’s flying safari along the Skeleton Coast 
  • Stay at two of the most luxurious lodges in Namibia 
  • Track desert-adapted elephants, rhino and leopard 
  • Experience spectacular wildlife and nature reserves

What’s Included

  • 9 nights fully inclusive
  • 4-day flying safari 
  • Scenic drives, horse riding, stargazing, yoga, electric bikes
  • Game drives, animal tracking, walking safaris
  • International Economy class flights 
  • All domestic transfers

Day 1-2


  • One of our favourite places to start a trip in Namibia
  • A luxurious and comfortable choice well located for a one night stay

Situated in Namibia’s central highlands, the country’s capital is a melting point of history and colonial influence.

Begin your Namibian adventure in Windhoek where you’ll spend one night at The Olive Exclusive. With quick access to the airport, this intimate boutique hotel makes for the perfect base to explore the city or simply relax before unearthing the beauty of Namibia. In a quiet corner of Windhoek, feast over tantalising menus, soak in the views of olive groves from your bungalow, dip into the swimming pool, or relax in a bathtub full of organic olive bubbles. Wake in the morning revitalised and ready to explore the desert.

Day 2-5


  • An outstanding setting overlooking the most beautiful scenery of the Namib Desert and beyond
  • A stay at the most remote lodge in southern Namibia

Enjoy the newly opened and super luxurious Sonop, where giant boulders meet desert in the Karas region.

From Windhoek, travel to the southern edge of the Namibian desert where you’ll spend three nights at Sonop. Enjoy this recently opened tented camp set within an extraordinary nature reserve and built on top of gigantic boulders, boasting panoramic views of the desert. Indulge in a candle-lit dinner in the wild, soak up the desert’s vastness from the heated infinity and sip on evening drinks in the cocktail-and-cigar lounge. Head out into the vast desert landscapes on scenic drives, on horseback and electric bikes, and make the most of the scenery with yoga on the panoramic deck. Enjoy a surprise stargazing experience to fully appreciate the remote location and observe the twinkling sky without surrounding light pollution.

Day 5-8


  • Designed for the intrepid traveller, expect basic accommodation but an unforgettable experience
  • Visit locations along the Skeleton Coast by plane that you wouldn’t otherwise have access to

Experience the spectacular scenery of Namibia from the skies with the Schoeman Brothers, on an incredible and experimental flying safari.

For an exclusive and off-the-beaten-track safari experience, ascend to the skies with the Shoeman Brothers on an incredible four day flying safari along the Skeleton Coast. This flying safari is arguably the best way to see Namibia from the skies, and you’ll stay in remote camps en route as you traverse the wilderness. From the air, take in bird’s eye views over the Kuiseb Canyon and its neighbouring red dunes, the shipwreck at Conception Bay, Cape Cross’s seal colony and the moon landscape of Ugab formations. Whilst on land, float down the Kunene River spotting birdlife and crocodiles along the way.

Day 8-10


  • This is the most indulging and luxurious place to finish a trip in Namibia
  • Familiarise yourself with Namibian wildlife on a game drive

Experience a private reserve home to wild animals and boasting outstanding views over the Namibian bush, all from the comfort of a luxury safari lodge.

End your thrilling adventure in the heart of a 9,000-hectare private wildlife reserve surrounding Windhoek. Here, you’ll spend two nights at Omaanda, a stylish and secluded new safari lodge with elevated views over the savannah. Whilst here, venture out on a game drive to track elephants, white rhinos and leopards, as well as a visit to the nearby meerkat colonies. Similarly, go on a private tour around Shiloh Wildlife Sanctuary to learn about their anti-poaching efforts. Enjoy indulging in spa treatments, delicious food and epic scenery before flying home.


The journey to Namibia and Serra Cafema was the best trip I’ve ever done. I really loved the remote camp, the way we travelled there (flying over the endless dunes and amazing coastline in a private plane) and the infinite hospitality, knowledge and passion of the whole team. We enjoyed a lot of activities: we visited the Himba people, which was the experience of a lifetime, took a quad bike tour and boat tour. For my birthday, they organised a private dinner at a beautiful, remote location.

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