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At True Travel, we are committed to publicly reporting on our company’s operations and sustainability efforts each year. Our annual Impact Reports will showcase the key initiatives we have focused on, the progress we have made, and our goals for improvement moving forward as a business. Taking accountability as a business is crucial to further understanding our priorities and how we need to strengthen our efforts in order to deliver a genuine positive change.

Why do we publish an Impact Report?

An Impact Report provides a baseline and measurement on our progress towards the Foundation’s key initiatives.

Transparency has a big part to play if we want to progress. This is why Impact Reports are so important in making sure we are not losing sight of our long term commitments and what we want to achieve in the future. We are well aware we are not perfect as a business, but by documenting our achievements and our progress, we can see the areas of opportunities to improve and set out a roadmap to continue positive change.

Read our 2022 Impact Report

Our 2022 Impact Report is available to view and download.

A Summary of our 2022 Impact Report

As the first True Travel Foundation Impact Report, our 2022 report not only highlights our key areas of impact for the year, but also the charitable projects we have supported since the foundation was formed.

The True Travel Foundation was created in 2016, and since then we have supported three leading charitable projects who focus on community outreach, education and marine restoration, with a total of over £40,000 being donated to these causes.

We support a range of projects, including the Female Empowerment Programme in Zambia, The Rucksack Project in Jaipur, India and Seawilding based on the west coast of Scotland. Our impact report details the individual contributions we have made to these projects to date:

  • The Female Empowerment Programme – a programme which offers extra support to young girls in rural Zambia through academic workshops, extracurricular opportunities and empowering education. £7,300 
  • The Rucksack Project –  a collaboration with Taabar Shelter, an NGO in Jaipur, India, that works specifically with boys who either found themselves living on the streets or were forced into child labour. £6,735
  • Seawilding – a community-led marine habitat restoration project on the west coast of Scotland who are restoring lost biodiversity and sequestering carbon. £25,000

Carbon Footprint and Offsetting Schemes

Offsetting Trips:

At True Travel we have always wanted to find solutions; not simply to help our clients offset their carbon emissions from their travels, but to go further and ensure they can have a carbon negative and climate positive impact.

Our policy on offsetting remains as follows:

  • We use the Sustainable Travel International Calculator to measure the carbon footprint for every single element of each trip to determine how much it costs to offset this figure.
  • Through our Foundation’s blue carbon partnership with Seawilding, we are able to offer each client the opportunity to wholly offset the carbon emissions of their trips through donations to their Seagrass Restoration Programme.

Offsetting our Carbon Footprint:

We are trying to minimise the carbon footprint of True Travel and there are several initiatives we have implemented in order to actively address climate change.

  • We have measured and offset all of our team’s carbon footprint for all of their personal annual travel as well as their commuting emissions for 2022.
  • We agreed that we would measure our total carbon footprint for the year, and then double the offset.
  • For 2022, we produced 34.5 tonnes of C02, therefore, we have offset 69 tonnes of C02 through donations to Seawilding.

Positive Impact Travel in 2023

We are immensely proud to have watched the growth of our Foundation since 2016 and to see the support we have been able to give to our selected projects around the world.

For 2023, we are continuing our focus on our two community projects in India and Zambia and have set a target to raise £10,000 for each project by the end of the year. Additionally, we have committed to raising a target of £100,000 for Seawilding by the end of 2023.

Despite the many challenges the travel industry faced during the global pandemic, it also highlighted the importance of focusing on sustainability and ensuring conscious travel is front of mind. We used this as an opportunity to re-define what True Travel stands for and reinvigorated our enthusiasm for pioneering positive impact in travel. We want to ensure sustainability remains a key part of our values and at the core of our conversations and this is why we have set an ambitious target this year for donations, aiming for a 150% increase on all our donations to date for this year alone.

We hope you will join us in the movement of re-defining conscious travel and ensuring the safeguarding of our planet so that life-long memories can be made for many years to come.

For more information on our approach to responsible travel read our full 2022 Impact Report here.

The Female Empowerment Programme

Read our 2022 Impact Report

Our 2022 Impact Report is available to view and download.


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