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Visiting Ben Alder House in the Scottish Highlands was an experience like no other I have done before. Going on a speed boat up the 15-mile loch to stalk deer on the high ground and then fishing in the smaller lochs before looking over Ben Alder Mountain from the comfort of my bath.

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Most Memorable

My most memorable experience was a recent trip to Sidi Bou Said, Tunisia. Having stayed a few nights in Sidi Bou Said, an endearing town on a promontory looking over the Mediterranean with beautiful blue-and-white houses and cobbled streets, we travelled to El Jem for the day on a 3.5 hour train. This was an interesting way of seeing more of Tunisia and its culture that day. The spectacular vast array of olive trees gave an insight to an integral part of Tunisia’s culture and history. Having arrived in El Jem, a town with so much history with such high importance in North Africa, I visited their famous amphitheatre dominating El Jem with camels being ridden along the street. Being the best preserved and largest amphitheatre in all of Africa, it was certainly impressive. There was an incredible special light inside and a brilliant city view. Walking out I passed The Great Mosque of Jem giving a clear depiction of the Islamic religion. I will never forget this day of such in depth learning of Tunisia’s rich culture.

Top Recommendations

For all Bellini lovers I highly recommend having a Bellini or two or three at Harry’s Bar in Venice. Invented by Giuseppe Cipriani in Harry’s Bar in 1948 this is the most famous and original place to drink a Bellini like no other!

Or, there is the most beautiful eastern European city, Prague. To see it at its very best  climb up the spiral, steep, long staircase at St. Vitus Cathedral. 287 steps later you will look out at an absolutely breathtaking panoramic view of Prague.

Most Recent Trip

My most recent trip was the most wonderful month spent interrailing around Europe with my best friend. We took the Eurostar to Amsterdam and finished in Florence. From the incredible Van Gogh Museum, to a fascinating walk through Anne Frank’s House, to walking along The Memory Void in the Jewish Museum in Berlin, to testing our vertigo climbing up the long, steep, spiral staircase of St Vitus Cathedral in Prague, to our little Viennese fairytale experience at Demel, to sipping a delicious Bellini at Harry’s Bar in Venice, it was certainly a trip I will never forget! Several modes of transport later we had fully immersed ourselves into eight different cities rich and diverse cultures and ways of living. The thing I most enjoyed when interrailing was learning about the different cultures and seeing the famous views and tasting the different traditional cuisines. 

Phoebe’s Top Experiences

Destinations Visited

  • Berlin, Germany
  • France
  • Florence and Venice, Italy
  • Spain
  • Tunisia
  • Greece
  • Portugal
  • Budapest, Hungary
  • Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • Ireland
  • Pula, Croatia
  • Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • Prague, The Czech Republic
  • Vienna, Austria
  • Scotland
  • UK

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