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While deep water snorkelling in Punta Vicente Roca, I was surrounded by sea turtles, penguins, marine iguanas and sea lions - it was just an out-of-this-world experience!

Senior Latin America Travel Designer

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My Experience

I’ve been on a number of professional trips in Latin America, specifically to Costa Rica, Argentina, Chile and the Galapagos Islands. I’ve inspected and stayed at many different properties in these areas and have first hand experience of some of the continent’s best places to stay, such as EOLO Relais & Chateaux Lodge and Estancia Cristina in Argentine Patagonia, The Singular, Patagonia Camp and Tierra Chiloe in Chile, The Silver Origin cruise ship by Silversea in the Galapagos Islands as well as Lapa Rios Lodge, Kasiiya and Pacuare Lodge in Costa Rica. Not only have I stayed in the properties which gives me the first hand knowledge needed to advise clients on where may be best for their holiday, but I’ve also taken part in the excursions, eaten at the restaurants, experienced the transport and drivers, the quality of the guides and level of fitness or technique needed for the activities so I know who they are best suited to. 

Specialist Destinations and Experiences

My key specialist destinations are Chile, Argentina, Peru, Colombia, Ecuador and Costa Rica. For someone who is looking for a bit of everything and a first taste of Latin America, I’d highly recommend Peru – it has remarkable mountain scenery, lakes, rivers, fabulous walks, horseriding, and water rafting as well as a rich indigenous culture and numerous fascinating archaeological sites. The standard of accommodation is excellent so if you’re looking to organise a special trip for an anniversary, birthday or honeymoon it’s a great option. Likewise, with all the adventure Peru offers it’s brilliant for a very memorable family holiday. On another note, having lived and travelled there extensively, Argentina is another one of my favourites. It has dramatic snow capped mountain scenery and glaciers, beautiful winelands, striking waterfalls as well as fabulous whale watching and other wildlife opportunities. Buenos Aires is my favourite city in South America – it’s bustling and cosmopolitan and somewhere you can easily explore for a good few days.

My Top Recommendations For…

For wildlife enthusiasts, the Galapagos Islands and Costa Rica will be top on most people’s lists, but there are also some lesser known spots which are worth a visit! Los Llanos is a vast wetlands area in Colombia famous for caiman, giant anteaters, the elusive jaguars, capybara as well as thousands of bird species (in fact – Colombia has the most bird species in the world!). It’ll give you a top-notch wildlife experience to combine with all the other wonders Colombia has to offer.

For honeymooners, a great option would be Argentina and Brazil, combining two of South America’s best cities with a stop in the jaw-dropping Iguazu Falls. In Brazil, you can spend some time soaking up the sun in one of the best beach destinations in the world, either close to Rio or further north. How about a luxury Amazon lodge for a change? The options are endless….

For foodies, it has to be Argentina or Peru! Argentina’s steak and wine are second to none and Peru’s culinary scene is becoming increasingly recognised worldwide. If you’re in Lima, book far in advance so you don’t miss out on an unforgettable ceviche and pisco sour at El Central restaurant!

Most Memorable

I was lucky enough to experience the marine life wonders of the Galapagos Islands in December 2021 on a 7 night cruise on board the first class Silver Origin ship by Silversea. Everything was top of the range in quality – from the level of comfort and decor in the cabins and communal areas, to the food, the staff, the guides, the expert lectures and of course, the glorious islands themselves. My most memorable experience was our first deep water snorkelling excursion (expertly led with safety always at the forefront). The marine life that we were able to observe was something I’d never experienced before. We didn’t even have to make an effort to search for the sea turtles, sea lions, marine iguanas, penguins, spectacularly coloured fish – even a small shark! These volcanic and biodiverse islands are so well conserved and protected that marine life and wildlife is abundant in every form. Great for families, honeymooners or for any special trip, I’d recommend these magical islands to anyone with a sense of adventure and who appreciates the outdoors.

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Review from Lucy Banks

The service allowed us to completely relax, we did not need to think once about the logistics of our trip which allowed us to truly enjoy our time to the maximum. Our trip was also effortlessly tailor-made to meet our preferences with no issues experienced by us at all.

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